Thanksgiving =Yum


I love the smell of Thanksgiving food on the table. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa. My family and I take all day to cook a wonderful meal and then we spend countless hours waiting to eat it. The best part, besides eating the delicious meal, is spending time with family.

My favorite dish at Thanksgiving is the stuffing and, of course, dessert. I always like rolling the stuffing into a ball and telling my mother we need to make more because I love them so much. She hates when I do that but, I think it’s hilarious. I also love pouring the gravy on top of the stuffing. It tastes so good. I save that for last. What’s your favorite dish at Thanksgiving?

Missing The Old Miley


 Okay, so who remembers Miley Cyrus playing Hannah Montana? It feels like forever ago, but It’s only been a couple years. After Hannah Montana was over, Miley changed. She’s an adult and I understand that. I’m not judging her. I would never do that. She can make her own decisions and if being who she is now makes her happy, then fine. I want her to be happy. I do admit, though, I miss the old Miley and I’m sure everyone else does too. She had beautiful long, brown hair that was wavy. I honestly think that looked best on her. I’m not a big fan of her short blonde hair now, but that’s my opinion. It’s obviously up to her.

I do believe she was happier with Liam. I thought they were really good together. When I heard they broke up, I was surprised. I feel bad for Miley because I know she loved him and still does. I kind of believe that if they were still together, she would act differently. I do wish the old Miley would come back, but I know that won’t happen. She’s happy and that’s all that matters. I do miss her playing Hannah Montana. I thought that was an excellent show. What are your thoughts on the old Miley vs. the new Miley?