The Girl, The Castle and The Choice Part 2

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Fifteen years later, Cali promised things would change, and they did. The castle is no longer lit, but rather, dark and gloomy. Her kingdom is once again the shade of darkness.

Cali has not thought about the child in fifteen years. She is rather focused on preparing for another battle. She does admit, she does not like what life has come down to, especially her kingdom.

Cali decides to take a walk outside the kingdom and stares outside at what it’s become. “Look at what I’ve done. What have I become?” Cali says to herself.

“Your majesty!” The maid shouts!

Cali walks back inside, pushing her doubts behind her. As she walks across the ballroom, she hears whispers from the guards.

“Would you like to share your thoughts Mr. Balswick?!”, Cali asks turning toward him.

“No ma’am.” Looking scared.

“Please do.” Cali replies.

“You are not going to like it, your majesty.”

“Amuse me.”

“It’s about the child.” The guard responds.

“Oh? And what child would that be?” Cali asks.

“Yours,” He says softly. Cali is not happy with his answer.

“Get him out of here! Now!” Cali shouts. Two men take him away. “Now, where were we?”


Cali is sixteen and in her room, staring at the window depressed. The maid walks in. “Cali, why aren’t you getting ready?”

“Why should I?” Cali asks, angry. The maid walks over to her.

“Cali, I am truly sorry, but it is the right decision. You chose right.” Walking away.

“How do you know she’s alright?” Cali turns to her maid. I want to see her.” Cali demands.

“I am sorry. You cannot. I will not allow it.” The maid leaves. Cali looks out the window again and starts sobbing.

Present Day:

Cali sits in her chair in the ballroom and thinks for a moment. “Find her and bring her to me,” Cali says.

“Find who, ma’am?” Her assistant asks.

“My daughter.”

“Right away!”




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