The Girl, The Castle and The Choice Part 3

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The majesty’s daughter looks so much like her mother when she was a teenager. Alexia is her name. She is fifteen years old and has beautiful, long wavy hair and blue eyes just like her mother. She has no idea that her actual birth mother lives in a castle.

She doesn’t live so far away. She lives in a small town with lots of land, ten miles from the castle. What she doesn’t know is that the battle will be against her mother.

Alexia is outside with her best friend Fay. “Did you ever ask about your mother?”

“No. All I know is one thing. She gave me up and is not a very nice person.” Alexia replies.

“Are you scared?” Fay asks.

“No, of course not. I do not wish to become my mother. I will not.” Alexia explains. Suddenly, the girls hear a noise coming from the fields.

“Do you hear that?” Fay asks. Fay keeps calm while Alexia is frightened.

“I do.”

“Who do you think it is?” Fay asks looking at Alexia.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t want to find out. We need to go now!” Alexia shouts. All of sudden, Cali’s guards see both the girls.

“Over here!” The guards yell. Alexia looks up at them scared.

“Run!” Alexia tells Fay, as she does the same. Alexia runs as fast as she can to her house as the guards rush after her. She hides inside, hoping they don’t find her. The guards break down the door and search for her. They finally find her hiding behind a barrel. One of the guards kicks over the barrel and Alexia screams.

“There you are.” The guard says.

“What do you want with me?” Alexia asks scared.

“A certain woman wants you.” The guard replies, grabbing Alexia. They start heading back to the castle where Cali awaits her daughters arrival.

Alexia and the guards finally arrive at the castle. The guards bring her into the ballroom where Cali awaits. Alexia looks up at Cali afraid. She recognizes the women she’s seen in pictures. The same one her adoptive mother has given her to hold on to.

“No! It can’t be!” Alexia shouts. Cali looks at her daughter, realizing she reminds her of herself when she was a teenager.

“Alexia is it? Please, guards, let her go. I want to talk to my daughter alone.” Everyone in the ballroom leaves except for Cali and her daughter.

“Well, my-my, have you grown. How old are you now?” Cali asks.

“Fifteen!” Alexia rudely says.

“Ah, those were the years. I remember when I was fifteen, unfortunately.” Cali replies.

“What do you want?!” Alexia asks loudly.

“Is that a nice way to talk to your mother?”

“You’re not my mother!” Alexia shouts. Cali walks up to her daughter.

“Let’s get one thing straight Alexia, you’re stuck with me, whether you like it or not. I suggest you start being respectful.” Cali responds.

“Why don’t you tell me what you want with me?” Alexia asks.

“I want you to follow in my footsteps. One day, take over the kingdom and help me lead a battle. What do you say, Alexia?”

“No! I will never side with you! You’re evil! I have someone I care about very much back home, but you wouldn’t understand. You are not capable of love.” Alexia says.

“Enough! I was once in love, but it doesn’t exist Alexia. I’m doing you a favor.” Cali explains as she remembers a time she and her lover danced.

“I will not side with you,” Alexia replies angrily.

“Very well. You chose wrong. Guards!” The guards rush in. “Lock her up. Make sure she doesn’t get out.”

“Yes, your majesty.” The guards take Alexia into a bedroom. Meanwhile, Cali is still in the ballroom. She sighs.


Cali is sixteen and in the castle halls where she’s talking to her maid. Her bodyguard is with her. She’s wearing a white dress.

“Please! I demand to see her, just once.” As she falls to the floor. The maid turns around as she’s walks up the stairs.

“Enough Cali! You are not to see her. Do you understand?” Cali sobs.

“I will never understand!” Cali replies angrily.

The maid walks over to Cali. “You are doing your daughter a favor. You would never pull off being a mother Cali. I am doing you a favor. She’s better off. We will not speak of this again!” The maid continues to walk up the staircase while Cali is on the floor sobbing. Cali looks out the window to see the sun going down.

“Your right, we won’t,” Cali mumbles to herself angrily.

Soon it was nightfall. Cali figures everyone is in bed. She quietly walks up the stairs to the maid’s bedroom. She takes a pill she has in her pocket and slips it into the maid’s water. Cali picks up the water with the pill in it and carefully puts some to the maid’s mouth. Suddenly, the maid wakes up and sees Cali.

“Cali, what on earth-“She stops cold. The maid starts to choke. Cali is frightened and slowly backs up from the bed. Cali runs out the room in a hurry as the guards come quickly to see what’s going on. The guards know it is poison, but they don’t know who poisoned her.




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