The Girl, The Castle and The Choice Part 4

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Present Day:

Alexia is locked in a bedroom inside the castle. She keeps trying to unlock the door, but it doesn’t budge. She pounds on the door loudly and frustrated. Alexia walks over to the window to see how far down it is from the ground. It is too far to jump and climb down. She finally gives up and sits down on the bed.

After Alexia rest for awhile, she sits up and decides to search for something. She opens one of the drawers across from the bed. She finds a journal. She takes it over to the bed and starts reading it. It is her mothers, dated back fifteen years ago when Cali was fifteen.

It reads:

Dear Diary,

It’s Tuesday. September 10th, 1955. I met a wonderful man. I think I’m falling in love. The way he smiles at me, it’s like, butterflies. Tonight is going to be special. It’s going to change everything.

Alexia continues to read more.

Dear Diary,

It’s Wednesday. September 11th, 1955. He’s gone. The only man I ever loved is gone. What do I do now? My maid has a secret. I intend to find out what that secret is.

Dear Diary,

It’s Monday. February 15th, 1956. I found out a secret today. The maid kept it a secret for months. I’m pregnant. I’m alone and I’m scared. I don’t know what to do, but I’m excited. I hope it’s a girl.

Dear Diary,

It’s Thursday. June 8th, 1956. They took her away from me. I didn’t even get to hold her. My maid said it is for the best, that I made the right decision, but I didn’t make that decision. They made it for me and made me believe it was my decision.

Dear Diary,

It’s Tuesday. June 13th, 1956. I want to see her, but my maid won’t let me. I’m sixteen now and more alone than I’ve ever been, but things will change. They have to.

Dear Diary,

It’s Friday. June 16th, 1956. I did it. I finally got rid of her. She is destroying me and keeping me from my daughter. But she’s right, this is not the life I want for her, but someday, will meet again and she will be beside me once again. Ps. I never thought I’d be this alone. The guards found out about the poison and now I’ve been trapped in this room. I found a way out, but they don’t know that. Under the floor, there is a secret door that leads to a room underneath. There’s a door that can get me out of the castle and I will run as far away as I can.


Cali is in a bedroom where the guards lock her away for what she’s done. She sits on the bed and writes her last entry in her journal. She gets up and places her journal in a drawer across from the bed. Cali removes the floorboard and jumps down. She follows the staircase down and finds a door. She opens it up and runs as fast as she can, but it’s too late. The guards have found her running and capture her. She will never be able to escape the castle.

Present Day:

Alexia shuts the book, even more frightened than before, but feels sad for her mother. She was a prisoner as well and still is. Alexia rushes over to the middle of the floor by the bed. She starts banging on the floorboard as hard as she can. The floorboard falls to the ground and she carefully and quietly jumps down.

Alexia reaches down to the ground and looks around. She grabs a candle that is lit and follows steps that go further down. She finally reaches the bottom and finds a door. She opens it and starts running as fast as she can away from the castle.

Meanwhile, Cali is still in the ballroom discussing plans for the battle. “Bring Alexia out, I want to discuss something with her. I’m giving her one more chance.” Cali demands.

“Right away.” One of the guards replies. The guard runs to retrieve Alexia, but when he opens the door, he finds that she is gone.

“Oh no. Majesty isn’t going to like this.” The guard says. He races back to Cali.

“Your majesty. She’s gone. She escaped.” The guard explains.

“Find her and bring her back to me. Now!” Cali shouts. The guards go out and look for her as she’s still on the move.

Cali thinks for a moment and rushes to the bedroom where they had Alexia. She finds the floorboard is gone and her journal on the bed. Cali picks up the journal and reads the last entry, figuring out that Alexia has done the same. She realizes that she should have never brought Alexia to the castle. Like her journal said, she never wanted this for her, but only to see her once again.

Alexia, hidden in the woods decides there’s only one way to escape, one that her mother did not think of herself. She hears the guards approaching not too far away. Alexia takes a pill out of her pocket that she found in her mother’s drawer. She puts it in her mouth and begins choking.

Alexia never wanted to become her mother, but this was her only choice. She did not want to battle against the people she cared about.
She lays on the ground, cold and dead, finally ridden of her mother, even though she saw things differently through her eyes. She still believes this is the only way to save her kingdom.

The guards approach Alexia, shocked at what they have discovered.

“Someone go back, and tell the majesty what happened.” One of the guards demands.

“Yes, sir.” One of the other guards responds running back to the castle.

Cali is still in the bedroom where Alexia was, waiting for her return. One of the guards that found Alexia walks into the room.

“Did you find her?” Cali asks.

“We did, your majesty.”

“Well, where is she then?” Cali asks.

“She’s dead, your majesty.” The guard says. Cali has a sad, depressed and angry look on her face. She knew Alexia had a plan and was worried, but hopeful on finding her before it was too late. She did the exact thing she thought of many times when she left, but never succeeded.

“Your majesty-” The guard starts to say but doesn’t have a chance to finish.

“Leave me!” The guard leaves.

Cali, ashamed at what she had done to herself and her daughter, has thought of a solution that would fix everything. She walks over to the drawer slowly and opens it to find one last pill left that she saved years ago just in case. Cali picks it up and just stares at it. Her assistant walks in.

“Your majesty-, your majesty what are you doing?” She asks shocked and scared.

“Doing something I should have done a long time ago, for myself, my kingdom, and my daughter. She should have never been brought into this world. I was only teenager, a foolish teenager, hopelessly in love. I put her life in danger. I never wanted this for her, but I was blinded. I was told I was doing the right thing. Things could have been different. I could have taken care of her. I destroyed my kingdom, myself, and disgraced my parents. All I ever wanted was to be reunited with my daughter and look where that’s gotten me. I’m doing this to protect my kingdom, which I promised myself I’d do a long time ago. I’m sorry.”

Cali takes the pill and starts choking. She lays on the floor, cold and dead like her daughter. She can now rest in peace with her daughter, knowing that everything is going to be okay. She knows that nothing, even in death could make up for what she had done in the past, but she hopes to start over and forever be, the mother she hoped to be.

Cali is buried right next to her daughter, where they will be together forever.

The End

Hope you guys enjoyed my short story! 🙂



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