Rainbow Bagels



Look how yummy these bagels are! They are so colorful and soft. They look delicious. I want one right now. 🙂 I’m actually craving a bagel. It almost looks like a rainbow cake with the cream cheese in the middle. 🙂


I hope everyone is enjoying 2016 so far!

I’ve had a lot on my mind for the last month and it hasn’t turned out exactly how I hoped it would. A couple weeks ago I was in physical therapy for the accident I was in almost 4 months ago. I was finally doing better and could end the physical therapy, so I decided that I would try to go back to work.

I went back for one day and unfortunately, I was in pain the whole day. I got home that night and I was in more pain. I woke up the next morning in extreme and unbearable pain that I had to call off the next two days and see the doctor.

I went in and the doctor kept telling me how stumped he/she was and also said that I may never be a 100% again. At that point, I knew that my job was gone. I loved it, even though I was only there one day, I loved it.

I got a call afterwards from my boss saying that they had to let me go due to my injury. I was so upset and angry about everything, not just the job, but the fact that I may have this issue and pain my entire life. I was also told that I may never be able to work with kids again. I love working with kids. That’s what I went to school for and that’s the only thing I know how to do. I don’t have any experience in anything else.

I just wish people understood how much a terrible accident or trauma can affect someone’s life. It wasn’t my fault and I know that but, that someone who crashed into me cost me my job. I was very lucky, but til this day, I’m scared to be in a car. I’d honestly rather not be.

I am so bored just sitting around and having to be careful. It annoys me. I just hope this can all go away and I can get better.


Have a great week everyone! 🙂