Let Me In Lyrics

(Another one of my lyrics)

Let Me In

Verse 1

I must be a crazy, crazy fool for love
I feel my mind getting wasted on your soul

I try and try to make my way into your life
But I know you’re keeping something from me
It’s taken you away
What is it that you don’t what me to find out


I am here now
Why don’t you tell me what’s inside
Why are you so afraid
I can help you if you let me
Tell me all your secrets
So I can fix it
Whisper in my ear
You don’t have to say it out loud
I am here
Let me in

Verse 2

I must be a fool that feels too much
I can feel the memories taking over me

I try to push my way in but you ignore me
I can sense your not yourself when I’m around
Don’t you wanna feel alive again
Please just, give me a sign

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3

Here I am
Looking straight at you
Can’t you see my tears are falling
They’re falling
They’re falling

Hold on
Hold on
You can trust me

Repeat Chorus:

I am here
I am here
Let me in

I am here
I am here

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