You Mean More To Me Lyrics

You Mean More To Me

Verse 1

Here you are
Standing at my doorstep
Staring straight at me
Waiting for my answer

Here I am
Looking in your eyes
Trying not to think about you
And how much I wanna tell you the truth
You deserve an answer
But I’m scared and I’ve never been before


So here I go
I’m saying I need more time to think it over
I don’t want to lose what we have
I can see the look in your eyes
I’ve seen it all before
I can tell this is not what you were hoping for
But I don’t want this to cost us our friendship
Cause no matter what I know you’ll always be there
Taking yours to protect me
And you may not know this but
You mean more to me than you’ll ever know
Please, don’t let this be the end
You know me more than anyone

Verse 2

Here you are
Walking closer towards me
Wanting to know what I’m thinking
Hoping for the right answer

Here I am
Keeping my distance
Trying not to let you in my mind
And how badly I wanna kiss you
I don’t wanna make you wait
But I want you to leave the door open

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3

Here you are
Saying goodnight
As I feel your heart breaking
I just need a little time
All these feelings are too much for me

It’s only been a couple days
I see you’ve found another
So much for leaving that door open
I thought you said you’d wait and I could take my time
But I guess you were too hurt
Cause now I’m broken inside

Repeat Chorus:

I should’ve told you the truth
Now it’s too late

I hope I get a second chance
Just know
You’re running out of time



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