Sapphire Hair Don’t Care

Hey, guys!  A couple of days ago I highlighted my hair a dark golden blonde and it came out looking weird. I honestly thought I looked like an Asian blonde lol. That was my opinion and I did not like it. So, the next day at work I put my hair up into a pony to hide my epic fail. Then, after work, I decided to go to Sally’s and I asked the lady if my hair was blonde enough to put blue in it. She said yes and I ended up getting Sapphire hair color.

I was nervous, but I wanted to do it, so I did. I love it! It looks more like highlights through my hair with a tint all over, but I really like it. I did not use bleach because I am not a big fan and I will not use it. Instead, I used a highlighting kit that had a high lift blonde, which worked, so if others are skeptical about using bleach, go ahead and find a high lift blonde because it will work. I have light brown hair and I’m able to get the color I want from using the high lift highlighting kit. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!




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