Never Too Old For Disney

40f9d9be-5745-4cf4-83ac-a6c760c9647b.jpg girl-meets-world-renewed-season-3.jpg

I may be in my twenties, but yes I still watch Disney Channel. How can you not? One of my favorite shows right now is Girl Meets World. It makes me laugh, smile and it’s a spin-off of Boy Meets World. So if you ever watched Boy Meets World when you were younger, you have to watch Girl Meets World.

It’s such an amazing show. I’ve seen all the of the episodes and I’m not afraid to say I really enjoy watching it. I mean, why do you think I always say happy Friday when it comes around lol. Hello, because Girl Meets World is on.

Anyway, I don’t only pay attention to the moments or funny and cute things that happen on the show. I also pay attention to the lessons because I think they are important. When I worked at the Y with my kids, we always talked about Girl Meets World, but I also mentioned the lessons because I wanted them to listen. I’m a teacher, so sometimes I go into teacher mode.

And of course, you got Lucas and Riley, who are adorable. Then there’s Maya and Josh. Who doesn’t ship them? I am a huge shipper of Josh and Maya. My favorite episode so far is Ski Lodge Part 2 and those of you that have seen it, know that it’s a big step for Maya and Josh. I’m going to tell you right now, I’ve seen that episode three times, and I’m tempted to watch it again, like in a couple minutes, no lie. I think I’m obsessed with this show. It’s addicting. I can’t wait for something to happen between them.

337x190-Q100_ff89210c39c32769ccdf858f6f3a27d5.jpg maxresdefault.jpg

I also ship Lucas and Riley, but I think it’s going to be awhile before they are comfortable with being more than friends with each other. Let’s hope it works out. I want both of them to be happy, especially Maya. She deserves it, and definitely someone like Josh. I’d really like to see him get jealous of another guy interested in Maya. I think that would be interesting and show more of Josh’s feelings.

Girl Meets World Confessions:

1. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the show more than the kids at the Y or any kids for that matter.
2. I’ve been watching Girl Meets World on Netflix.
3. I want to watch Ski Lodge Part 2 right now.
4. I love the name Riley, so I’m going to use that for a girl’s name.
5. I am naming one of my golden retrievers Maya, but I decided that before I ever saw the show.
6. And I can’t believe I just told you guys all this

Happy weekend everyone 🙂



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