Walmart Trip

Guys, I have a problem. Honestly, I can’t walk through Walmart without looking at Fuzzy socks. I walked by a bunch today and I wanted so bad to get all thirty that I saw. I had trouble walking away, but I finally did. I have decided that I’ll get one pair next time I go, well, will see how many I walk out with.

On that note, I bought Demi Lovato’s New York Color waterproof eyeshadow in blue and a lip color crayon. I wanted to try it, especially since Demi wears them. I wanted something that I don’t normally wear.

The blue eyeshadow I got is so colorful and beautiful. The lip color is a pretty nude, which is perfect for me. I typically don’t wear a lipstick or lip color, but if I do, I only wear nudes or something close to that. I’m afraid to go with a bolder color, even though I would like to try it.

Here is what I got:



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