The Mirror Part 1

“Help! Please! Can anyone hear me?” A beautiful girl named Anna shouts. She frantically gazes around the dark room that surrounds her. Anna glances around and realizes the place doesn’t look familiar.

She notices the floor beneath her, is cold and musty. The room is castle-like with cobwebs. Anna also notices that her memory is gone, completely wiped out. She has no idea who she is and what happened to her.

Anna has long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is tall and pale. Anna is seventeen years old. She flashes her eyes down at her feet and recognizes that she is barefoot. Anna acts confused as she wonders where her shoes went

Anna picks her head up and stares at the large mirror in front of her. She smiles brightly as she admires herself and the beautiful white dress she has on. If only Anna could remember where she bought it or if someone gave it to her. Anna sighs as she looks into the mirror with exquisite designs all around the glass. She wonders where the sizeable brown mirror came from and why it is in the basement of the castle-like building.

Anna closes her eyes as she focuses on bringing her memories back, but no such luck. She opens her eyes, frustrated and tries again. Anna tries for the third time, but comes up empty and gives up.

All of a sudden, Anna hears a voice. She uncontrollably looks around the room scared. Anna brushes it off and assumes it’s nothing. Suddenly, the sound becomes louder, and Anna panics. “Hello? Is anyone there?” Anna asks frightened. No answer.

Anna begins to worry. She has no idea where she is and how she got here, wherever here is. Anna glances around the room and notices a stairway, leading to a door. She slowly stands on her bare feet and walks up the stairs. She rests her head against the door to see if she can hear voices. The room on the other side of the door is silent. The voices must have been in Anna’s head.

Abruptly, Anna hears a voice again. She shuts her eyes quickly and figures it is all in her head. She opens her eyes, and the voice is gone. “I’m going crazy,” Anna tells herself, marching down the stairs. Anna sits in front of the mirror and takes a deep breath.

Anna stares into the mirror and notices something strange. She concentrates intensely on the mirror as she starts to see angel wings appear on her back. She marvels at the giant angel wings that appear in the mirror. Anna glances at her back to see the angel wings for herself but are not there. Anna acts confused but calm. She slowly turns back around and notices that the wings disappeared. Anna thinks nothing of it and shakes her head, hoping that this is all a dream.

PS. Another short story I wrote.



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