The Mirror Part 3


“Who am I?” Anna asks excitedly. Anna thinks that this is all a dream, but maybe she’s wrong. What if this is the beginning of a great journey about finding out who she really is.

“Your name is Anna, and you’re an angel or used to be. That’s why the angel wings keep appearing, even though they’re not there.” The voice in the mirror explains.

Angel. How is that possible? There’s no way Anna can be an angel. And how can a mirror possibly know that? Anna stares into the mirror at her reflection speechless, thinking about how all of this could be true.

“You expect me to believe I’m an angel,” Anna answers. The reflection in the mirror becomes annoyed.

“It’s the truth whether you like it or not.” The voice replies back.

“Fine. So I’m an angel. Where am I?” Anna asks. She swallows, realizing what she’s about to find out. Anna thinks that maybe somewhere out there is a family that’s looking for her. Anna always wanted a sister to share thoughts with and someone to count on.

“Not sure. This place doesn’t ring a bell, but, I can tell you that you’re trapped in this castle from someone who knows about angels or who is one,” The reflection in the mirror explains.

Anna’s head almost explodes as she hears the word trapped. And the fact that this castle could be crawling around with angels freaks Anna out a bit, mainly since they could be evil angels. She never enjoyed the thought of being shut out from the world and being in a strange place surrounded by creatures that aren’t from the normal world.

“I’m surrounded by angels? Good or bad?” Anna asks not entirely happy.
Anna would rather be in a place that’s warmer, far away from this castle. Where she can lay out and close her eyes, forgetting about reality.

“Not quite sure.” The voice replies.

“Do you know anything?” Anna asks annoyed. Anna hugs her knees and gazes at the window for a moment.

“Look, whatever we did, were paying for. Just relax Anna and enjoy the ride.” The voice says before disappearing. Anna quickly turns her head facing the mirror.

“What we did?” She asks in disgust. “I’m talking to a mirror. Unbelievable.”
Anna can’t believe she’s talking to a mirror, let alone obtain information from it. How does she know that everything the reflection in the mirror is saying is true?

I guess for Anna, she has to learn who to trust and right now, the only one she can believe, is the mirror.

“I’m not just a reflection in the mirror Anna. I’m you. The reflection you see is what you want to see.” The voice explains reappearing.

“What I want to see? You mean I want to be an angel?” Anna asks her reflection.

Anna can’t seem to think why anyone would want to be an angel. Someone would have to be crazy to want to be an angel. They might be one of the most beautiful creatures, but it doesn’t seem like anything anyone would choose to do.
“I don’t know what you want. Maybe it’s your way of bringing back the memories you lost. I’m not a crystal ball you know.” The voice answers back rudely.

“Gee, you’re a little sassy, don’t you think?” Anna asks, fed up with the whole angel thing. All Anna wants is a straight answer, but the mirror won’t give her an answer.

“You forget I’m you.” The voice says.

Anna doesn’t know what to believe. She wants to think that once, someone told her she could only believe and trust herself. Anna wishes she knew what her family was like or if she had one. If only Anna’s memories would come back.

“You’re a hallucination,” Anna replies. The voice becomes upset and angry.
“If that’s what you want to think. You think you have everything figured out Anna.” The voice answers back.

Anna feels sorry for what she said to the mirror, even if it is her own reflection. She wants to know more about what’s going on, especially if she’s missing pieces. The most curious part that Anna questions, is her wings and how she became an Angel, but it won’t be that easy.

“What am I missing? What happened to my wings?” Anna asks notably.

“In time, Anna. For now, be careful. Once you figure it out, you’re going to wish you hadn’t.” The voice suggests. “Now, get some sleep, you look tired. And, I could use a nap as well.” The voice says in a creepy tone. The voice disappears along with the wings. Anna takes a glance around the room as it darkens, and is once again, alone.



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