The Mirror Part 5

“You’re missing pieces, Anna. Don’t try and rush things.” The voice explains.

Anna stares down at the floor, frustrated and depressed. She looks up into the mirror and notices the wings are gone, along with the voice. She’s along again.

Anna gazes at the door on top of the stairway imagining what’s behind it. She pictures the floor to shine bright and loud enough to make noise on. She sees all kinds of different colors spread across the castle, especially red, lots of it. If only the room Anna was in had different colors splattered everywhere. It would make her time more enjoyable.

As Anna thinks about the beautiful colors behind the door, she wonders what her favorite color is. If only she could remember what color she loved the most. Maybe it’s red. Anna seems to like that color, but who knows.

The colors in Anna’s head begin to fade away. She tries to focus on finding a key for the door. Anna searches the floor and the room for a key but doesn’t find anything. She presses her back against the wall with the glass window and slowly sits down below it. Anna takes a deep breath and realizes there may be no hope. She thought that she found a way to know the truth, but no such luck. The time isn’t right.

Anna decides to listen to her reflections advice and close her eyes. She tries to focus on bringing her memories back, but she comes up blank. She tries one last time, but, this time, focuses on angels. Anna is having trouble concentrating and still comes up empty. She opens her eyes and tries to remember the last time she was happy, but can’t remember. Anna closes her eyes again to fall asleep, hoping she would have better luck later.

“You weren’t focused enough.” The voice shouts from the mirror. Anna wakes up scared by the sound. “Oh I’m sorry, did I wake you?” The voice sarcastically says with laughter. Anna ignores her reflection annoyed.

“I see, it’s time to play ignore the reflection in the mirror. I hope you know that you won’t receive the answers you’re looking for without me!” The voice tells Anna louder as she gets angry.

“You’re no help to me anyway,” Anna replies making her way to the mirror.

“And what makes you think that?” The voice in the mirror asks.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, mostly because I have nothing better to do,” Anna explains taking a seat on the floor in front of the mirror.

“I’d like to hear what you came up with.” The voice replies intrigued.

“You’ve been lying to me,” Anna tells the mirror. The voice in the mirror laughs as she gives Anna a creepy smile.

“What kind of angel would I be if I always told the truth.” The voice in the mirror responds, not denying the fact that she’s been lying to Anna.

Anna was right all along. There was something the mirror wasn’t telling her, and she was determined to find out what the mirror has been hiding.

“So you admit it?” Anna asks, thinking she can beat her reflection at her own game.

“Of course, I admit it, Anna. What’s the fun, without a little mystery?” This is after all what you’ve been looking for.” The voice explains having too much fun.

“What are you talking about?” Anna responds confused.

Anna wonders what her reflection is trying to say. She wanted answers, which is true, but what has she been looking for?

“You’re still missing pieces. And you still don’t get it, Anna. It’s all about us. What do you really want to see?” The voice asks giving Anna an evil smile. Anna becomes frightened and scared. She begins to get frustrated with herself and her own reflection.

“Get out of my head!” Anna shouts at her reflection.

“This is about to get fun.” The voice in the mirror replies with an evil smile.





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