Living On The Edge Lyrics


Living On The Edge

Verse 1

I’m living on the edge
Living, living on the edge

Baby don’t go looking around for me
I’m not coming back
Noo I won’t be there when you wake up


Cause baby I’m living on the edge
I’m taking risks and living life
I’m taking it in one by one
Yeah I’m living on the edge
Yeah I’m living on the edge

Verse 2

Baby don’t try to call me
I won’t answer
I’m busy climbing the tallest mountain
Breathing it all in
Noo I’m not turning back

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3

Here I am
Taking in what I finally wanted all my life
Freedom and adventure
Just me, myself and I
Nothing holding me back
As I close my eyes and see
The journey that lies ahead
Now this is me looking forward

Repeat Chorus:

I’m taking it in one by one
Yeah I’m taking it in one by one
Cause baby I’m living on the edge
I’m taking risks and living life
I’m taking it in one by one
Yeah I’m living on the edge
Yeah I”m living on the edge

I’m living on the edge




The Mirror Part 9

“Anna. What’s done is done. I am to stay in this mirror. Do you understand? I made a deal.” Alana tells her sister.

“Deal? What kind of deal?” Anna asks. Alana sighs.

“I agreed to be put in this mirror, only if you were to be given a second chance. Anna, your memories didn’t just fade away, they were taken away. The Angels erased your memory. That was the only way this could be done.” Alana explains, feeling bad.

Anna is stunned by her sister’s deal that she made. She had no idea that this was all her sister’s doing.

“You decided to wait and tell me now?!” Anna asks angrily.

“I’m sorry Anna,” Alana replies. Anna stands up slowly and backs away from the mirror. “Anna… Please forgive me.” Alana begs her sister.

Anna hurries up the stairway to get away from her sister. She opens the door and walks outside and inside the castle.

Anna runs to her bedroom as fast as she can. All she wants to do is be alone and forget everything her sister told her. Anna shuts the door behind her quickly as suggests enters her room. She sits down on the ground beneath her door, lost and upset.

Anna wishes she could erase everything, including being an angel. She doesn’t want this life anymore. All she wants is to be normal and have a relationship with her sister, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Not for Anna and her sister.

Anna glances up at the window. She stands up and walks over to see the night sky. Anna stares out into the evening, wondering and thinking about what it would be like if she got away from this place and started over. She and her sister could go somewhere beautiful and start a whole new chapter. If only Anna knew how to save her sister, then she could make her dream a reality.

Anna crawls into bed happily. She hasn’t slept in a bed for a while. Anna glances at the ceiling trying not to focus on her sister, but that’s all she can think about. Minutes later, she shuts her eyes slowly, falling asleep.

The next morning, Sapphire calls out to Anna outside her room as she’s still asleep.

“Anna? Are you in there? I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Sapphire shouts. Anna wakes up annoyed. She quickly rushes out of bed and locks the door, so Sapphire doesn’t come in. Sapphire tries to open the door, but it doesn’t open.

“Anna! You’re impossible!” Sapphire retorts as she leaves. Anna crawls back into bed as she stares at the door sadly.

An hour later, Anna spots Sapphire roaming around in the large hallway with other angels. She whispers softly to Sapphire to grab her attention.

“Sapphire. Sapphire.” Anna whispers. Sapphire quickly turns around and smiles as she sees Anna.

“There you are! I’ve been looking for you.” Sapphire tells Anna.

“Can we talk, privately?” Anna asks cooing.

“Sure, I-” Sapphire begins to say, but Anna pulls her to the side before she can finish. “Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of the other angels.”

“I don’t think so,” Anna replies. She sighs.

“What is it?” Sapphire asks.

Anna’s not sure if she should be talking to Sapphire about a question she has, but she’s afraid to speak to the angel queen.

“How do I get rid of my wings?”Anna asks.

“Why would you want to get rid of them?” Sapphire asks trying to understand Anna.

“I don’t belong here. I want a second chance, but not here.” Anna explains to Sapphire.

Anna can tell Sapphire doesn’t like what she’s saying, but this is what she needs to do.

“What are you talking about? This is your home.” Sapphire says as her smile fades.

“No Sapphire. It’s not. It might be yours, but not for me. Now tell me, how do I get rid of my angel wings?” Anna asks a second time.

Anna knows she hurt Sapphire’s feelings, but she didn’t mean too. All she wants is her life back, and that means being normal. Sapphire stares at Anna with confusion and sadness.

“I don’t know. I’m sorry. I don’t think an angel can do that. The only one that knows is the angel queen, but please, don’t do it, Anna.” Sapphire begs Anna.

Sapphire walks away keeping the tears from falling down her face. Anna stares at Sapphire as she leaves. Anna sighs and walks back to her room. She slams the door and crawls into bed, hugging her knees to her chest.

Anna knows what she must do to start over. She’s not sure of a plan just yet, but knowing Anna, she’ll come up with something. She’d do anything to save her sister.

Anna stands up from her bed and walks over to her door. She opens it slowly, making sure no one catches her and follows her. She strolls along the hallway toward the door that leads to her sister, making as little noise as possible.

Anna finds the door that takes her to Alana and walks down the stairway. She stands in front of the mirror, waiting for her sister to appear.

“What are you doing here Anna?” Alana asks, appearing. Alana sounds frustrated and upset.

“I’m here to save you,” Anna replies.

“I already told you, Anna. You can’t.” Alana tells her sister.

Anna takes a step closer to the mirror. She slowly puts her hands on the mirror, feeling sad for Alana.

“Anna, what are you doing? Get away from the mirror!” Alana screams, but it’s too late.

Anna’s disappears into the mirror, where her sister is trapped. In the mirror, is a different world. It’s dark and gloomy. There are no buildings, only darkness, trees, crows, but mostly emptiness.

Alana sees her sister enter the mirror into the dark world. It’s been awhile since she’s been this close to her.

Anna stands up and looks around, afraid of what she stumbled upon. She stares at her sister, unsure what to do.

“What is this place?” Anna asks.

“Anna, you shouldn’t have come.” Alana answers worried.

“I didn’t know. You left that part out.” Anna replies back, still taking in all the darkness that surrounds her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think you would-, I was afraid that if I told you, you would do it anyway.” Alana explains to her sister.

“Well, you have got a point, but now that I’m here, we can leave, together,” Anna suggests.

Alana sits down on the dirty ground with a sad look on her face.

“No Anna. We can’t. Don’t you remember what I said? There’s no way out.” Alana says.

“There’s always a way out,” Anna replies, hopeful.

“You’re wasting your time,” Alana tells Anna, annoyed.

Anna stares at the mirror and then at her sister. She notices her black angel wings are enormous. Anna wonders how long her sisters been trapped in this terrible place.

“Your wings are big. I wish mine were like that.” Anna says. Alana doesn’t say anything. “Do you remember our parents or when we were kids? I still don’t remember. How did we become angels?” Anna asks.

“I’m sorry Anna. I don’t remember our parents. I only have one vivid memory of us as kids. We were playing outside in a field picking flowers and then someone took us in to become angels. We were separated. We were in this dark, cold place, almost seemed like jail. You cried as they took you away from me. They put me in a cell, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to be apart from you. We were both so young. I was supposed to take care of you. Instead, I did the opposite. I don’t know what happened to you after that. I tried calling you, but you couldn’t hear me. After years and years, waiting to see my sister again, I freaked out. I guess I took a turn for the worst. And then I saw you again, and I didn’t want to lose you again. I wanted revenge Anna, for what they did to us. This place wasn’t home. They trained us to become something we never wanted. I’m glad you don’t remember. I hope you never have to.” Alana explains to Anna.

Anna is speechless. She had no idea what actually happened to her and Alana years ago.

“Wow. I had no idea. Do you remember what you said to me when you were in your cell?” Anna asks.

“I think I told you to save me and said I was scared of who I was becoming. I just wanted my sister back.” Alana responds.

Anna realizes who the voice in her head was in a passing memory. It was her sister.

“That was you. The voice in my head through memory.” Anna says.

“Are you sure? How is that possible?” Alana asks, suspicious.

Anna stares at her sister, trying to figure it out.

“I’m not sure, unless, it wasn’t a memory,” Anna replies.

“What do you mean?” Alana asks.

“I mean, you knew that I would come and save you, especially after I was let go. But the only way you could reach out to me was by calling to me. You tricked me. You know something.” Anna explains, disappointed in her sister.

“Anna, I think you’ve lost it. You sound crazy.” Alana tells Anna.

“Am I? Did you use me?” Anna asks.

Alana stares at her sister, avoiding the question. She doesn’t want to hurt her sister again, but she has to tell her the truth.

“Fine. You’re right. I was using you, but I also said the exact same thing when we were kids. I didn’t think you would connect the two. I’m sorry.” Alana explains.

Anna is upset with her sister. She wishes she could take back the last few minutes. She should have never tried to save her sister, but that’s what sisters do, well, at least some. Alana is the only family she knows of, and she doesn’t want to lose her, but she was afraid she might have to do something to protect her and others around her.

“Are you really or are you just saying that? Becuase, I realize, I don’t know who you really are. Never did. I guess I never will. Tell me, what’s your plan?” Anna asks.

“Forgive me. It’s simple really when you entered the mirror, you opened up a portal, which means one person gets to go back, or in this case, escape. So sorry little sister, but it’s your turn to suffer the way I did. There’s no redeeming me. I know that’s what you want, but ever since that night years ago, I’ve changed. I lost the most important person in my life. I knew that this little reunion wouldn’t make any difference. You couldn’t trust me and you never will again. The girl you used to share everything with, is gone. This place made me who I am, and I tried to take you down with me, but you were always different. You can’t save me, Anna. In my mind, I lost you years ago. Make yourself at home little sis.” Alana tells her sister with an evil smile.

Anna can’t believe what her sister is saying. She feels terrible for Alana, for turning out the way she is. She thought her sister was saving her, but really, she was using her for her own freedom.

Anna knows what she must do to protect the world. Before she left to see her sister, Anna found a lighter on the floor after Sapphire left. She picked it up and told herself she would only use it if it were necessary. In this case, it’s necessary. Tears roll down Anna’s face as anger begins to show.

Alana ambles toward the mirror and starts to put her hands on it. Anna takes out the lighter and lights Alana’s black angel wings on fire. Alana stops in her tracks and screams in pain. Anna backs away from her sister. Alana turns around to face Anna furious and upset.

“What did you do?!” Alana asks as she screams in agony.

“I may not be able to save you, but I can protect you from yourself and others,” Anna answers back.

Tears begin to roll down Alana’s face as she still screams in pain.

“How could you!? I’m normal.” Alana says.

“You might be normal, but I still don’t have a sister. She’s gone. All I wanted was to save you, but your right, you can’t be saved.” Anna tells Alana.

Anna takes a step toward her sister.

“You will never ever be able to leave. Have fun being trapped in here for eternity. This is last time you will ever see me, Alana. So much for being sisters, right?” Anna says.

As Anna walks away from her sister, Alana’s memory of her sister being taken away reappears in her head with tears streaming down her face. What has she done to herself? Alana could have had her sister again, her trust again, but she chose the wrong path.

Anna enters the mirror, stepping foot into the castle. She stares back at her sister one last time, wiping the last tear from her eyes. Alana looks at her sister from the other side and knows what she’s about to do next.

“Anna, please don’t!” Alana screams before Anna smashes the mirror. Little pieces fly everywhere, as she sees parts of her sister in each of them.

Anna turns around and marches up the stairway for the last time, leaving her past and her sister behind. She did what she had to do, no matter how hard it was.

The End



The Mirror Part 8

The next morning, the angel queen is sitting at a large dining room table inside the castle. Anna walks in as she passes a bunch of angels in the hallway talking. She stares at them as she walks into the dining room.

In the room, Anna notices three bright and beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. She also sees the wall, which is colorful just like she imagined it. Anna smiles at the angel queen.

“Anna, good morning. You may have a seat and join me.” The angel queen implies. Anna takes a seat.

“Good morning. What is going on?” Anna asks glancing at a large number of angels in the hallway.

Some of the angels in the hallway gaze at Anna in her direction. One of them whispers something to the other angels.

“This is where all the angels come to train and hang out. Some live here like you. It’s basically school, but for angels.” The angel queen explains.

“Oh,” Anna replies surprised. “I wanted to talk to you about something if that’s okay?” Anna mentions.

“What is it, Anna?” The angel queen asks.

“It’s about the mirror,” Anna murmurs. The angel queen doesn’t like where this is going.

“I see.” The angel queen responds, not pleased.

“If the girl in the mirror is me, past me, I guess. I don’t really understand. Why can’t she come out?” Anna asks curiously. The angel queen stares at Anna worried.

The angel queen thought Anna knew everything about the mirror and who was in it, but I guess some things were left unsaid.

“She didn’t tell you?” The angel queen asks.

“Tell me what?” Anna asks confused.

Anna didn’t realize she was missing another piece of the puzzle. What could possibly be so important that the mirror left out? The angel queen stands up quickly and slams her hands on the table angry. She glances at Anna calmly, realizing she’s frightened her.

“She left the most important part of your memory out. She didn’t complete her mission.” The angel queen explains.

Anna tilts her head down and stares at her hands in disappointment. The reflection in the mirror didn’t tell Anna everything she needed to know. What was she hiding from her? Anna stares back up at the angel queen wanting to know more.

“Someone tell me what’s going on,” Anna begs. The angel queen sighs before telling Anna the truth.

“The girl in the mirror is your twin sister.” The angel queen says slowly.

Anna can’t believe what she’s hearing. Twin sister? That’s unbelievable. Anna sits frozen, unable to move, unable to speak. Why in the world would her twin sister hide that she’s her sister?

Anna realized that her sister was genuinely trying to save her by not telling her. Maybe she thought if she had told Anna, it would influence her decision.

“Prepare to destroy the mirror.” The angel queen demands to one of the guards beside her.

“No, you can’t!” Anna shouts quickly, standing up. The angel queen stares at Anna.

“Anna….,” The angel queen starts to say but doesn’t know what to tell her.

“Please? She’s a piece to the puzzle.” Anna begs the angel queen.

“Fine, but be careful.” The angel queen adds as she walks out. Anna feels relieved as the angel queen leaves the room.

Anna decides to confront her sister and demand answers. She peeks out the dining room, making sure the coast is clear. She slowly walks out the room searching for the door that leads to her sister.

The door across from the dining room catches Anna’s eye. She tries to pull the door open, but it doesn’t open.

“Are all the doors in the castle locked!?” She asks herself, annoyed.

“Most of them, yes.” A young angel behind Anna replies softly. Anna turns around slowly, meeting the girl’s gaze. The girl has long blonde hair and a pretty smile on her face.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think anyone else was here.” Anna apologizes. The young girl admires Anna, staring at her.

“I’m Sapphire. A new angel.” She says smiling with happiness. Anna stares at the girl speechless.

“Sapphire? Like- wow. That’s a beautiful name.” Anna replies blown away by her name.

“I know. It’s different. My parent’s wanted different.” Sapphire explains.

“No. It’s really an incredible name.” Anna answers remorseful. Sapphire smiles brightly.

Anna didn’t mean to offend Sapphire. She just thought it was an odd name.

“You know, all the new angels need a mentor. I was hoping, you could be mine.” Sapphire implies hopeful. Anna is stunned by Sapphire’s request.

Anna’s not sure that being a mentor is such a great idea, primarily because of her past. She doesn’t want to lead a new angel down the wrong path.

“I don’t think I’m the right angel for that,” Anna replies hesitantly.

“Why not?” Sapphire asks curiously.

“It’s a long story,” Anna responds.

“Non- sense Anna. Sapphire is right. You will be her mentor.” The angel queen demands, walking toward Anna and Sapphire. Anna stares at the angel queen, not pleased by her request, as Sapphire smiles brightly.

“Yes, ma’am,” Anna replies unwillingly. The angel queen walks away. Sapphire follows her slowly.

Poor Anna. What happens if she ends up like her sister? If Sapphire turned from being a good angel to an evil one, it would be on Anna. She would be trapped in the mirror, along with her sister for eternity.

Anna continues to search for unlocked doors in the castle. Minutes later, she sees the door that leads to her sister. Anna walks outside and through the door that she came up before. She slowly walks down the stairway towards the mirror.

Anna stares into the mirror as it brings back terrible memories. She shakes the bad memories out of her head and focuses on the mirror, waiting for her sister to appear.

Two minutes have passed and no sign of her sister. Anna sits down on the floor and continues to wait. Anna wonders if she knows she’s waiting for her. They are twins in fact, which means they should feel something or maybe not. At this point, Anna doesn’t know what to believe and who to trust. Her own sister lied to her about her past. All Anna wants, is answers.

A couple minutes have passed, and Anna realizes that her sister doesn’t want to see her. She stands up slowly and begins to walk away until she hears a voice.

“Wait!” The voice in the mirror shouts. Anna stops in her tracks and sits back down on the floor facing the mirror. She stares at the reflection of her twin sister. She sees black angel wings and a black dress that belonged to her sister.

“You lied to me.” Anna finally spits out.

“I know. I was trying to protect you.” Her sister replies with a sad face.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Anna asks.

“I thought, that if I told you, it would influence your decision. I didn’t want you to make the same mistake that I did.” Her sister explains, ashamed of what path she chose.

“It wouldn’t have, but I would have tried to save you,” Anna responds back.

“Anna. You can’t save me. I chose my path, and this is my punishment. I am stuck in this mirror for eternity. I will never forgive myself for what I did to you, my own sister. I am truly sorry, but you have a second chance to make it right. Don’t screw it up.” Anna’s sister tells her, feeling guilty.

Anna doesn’t understand what her sister is talking about. What did she do to her?

“What do you mean?” Anna asks.

“Anna. You didn’t decide to become evil all on your own. I influenced you to come help me, and you did, because I was your sister. That’s how you got your dark wings.” She explains to Anna.

Anna can’t believe what she’s hearing from her sister. She chose the evil side because of her. Anna becomes angry at her sister. She had no idea that she was stuck in this castle because of her.

“Why did you do that?” Anna asks angrily. She sighs.

“Because I needed my sister. I was foolish, and I know that now.” She replies.

“You know, you’re my sister, and I don’t even know your name.” Anna states.

“It’s Alana.” She replies.

“It’s different, but in a good way,” Anna adds.

“Yes. I like it.” Alana answers back. “I understand why you’re still angry with me. You have every right to be.” Alana says, realizing how upset her sister still is.

Alana never knew how much she really hurt her sister, until now. She wishes that she could change all that, but Alana didn’t want to be alone, so she did what every other teenage girl does who a sister has. She dragged her along and made sure she stood by her side and obeyed her, no matter how bad it was.

Alana knew that she didn’t want her sister to suffer the way she did, so she did her best to point her toward the right path. And if that meant hiding the fact that she was her sister, she was going to do it, no matter how bad she wanted to tell her.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try and save you. You’re my sister, and you deserve a second chance too.” Anna replies emphatically.

Alana wishes she could believe her sister and indeed save her, but she can’t. She searched for years for a way out but came up empty.

Alana knows that she deserves to spend eternity in the mirror, and she was okay with that, as long as her sister got a second chance. That’s all Alana really wanted. She wanted to know that her sister was going to be okay and be taken cared for, so she made a deal. She was to spend eternity in the mirror, while her sister was given a second chance and that she be the one to change her path. That was her mission.

The good angels were to erase all of Anna’s memories and lock her in the basement. Once Alana was in the mirror, she was to begin the process of changing her sister’s future. She was also supposed to tell Anna every detail and lead her to the right path, but she left the part about being her sister out of it, on purpose.

The deal was, if she completed her mission, all of it, she would have her sentence reduced, but Alana didn’t finish her entire task. She knew what she was doing, protecting her sister, which is what she should have done years ago.



The Mirror Part 7

On the floor next to Anna is a key. She looks at the ground next to her and picks it up.

“This key. What’s it for?” Anna asks.

“The door, If you choose to follow it and see where it leads.” The reflection states.

“What’ll happen?” Anna asks scared.

“I’m sorry Anna. I can’t say.” The reflection answers back. Anna stares at the mirror.

“What about you?”Anna asks.

“I chose wrong Anna. Don’t choose the way I did.” The mirror replies.

“What about my memories?” I only remember one.” Anna tells the mirror.

Anna thinks back to the only memory she has. She’s dressed in all black, including her wings. She stands in the middle of an empty field where flames and houses were torn down. She spins around, watching people scared running as far as they can. The memory fades away as Anna hears the voice speaking.

“Your memories will come back in time Anna.” The reflection explains with sadness. The reflection in the mirror knows that it’s time for Anna to leave and knows she will make the right decision.

The memory in Anna’s head doesn’t seem right. Something is off. It feels like a part of the memory is missing, but what part? Anna stares at her reflection one more time before slowly walking up the stairway.

Before opening the door, she turns around to face the mirror. She glances at the key in her hand and smiles. Anna turns back around to face the door and slowly puts the key in the door and turns it. She grabs the doorknob and pulls the door open.

Anna puts her head through and realizes where this door leads. It doesn’t lead inside, but outside. Anna smiles and steps out on the roof of the castle. She roams around the roof of the palace until she catches something in front of her.

Anna’s smile fades, and she becomes frightened as she sees a beautiful angel with white wings and a white dress. Her long blonde hair shines as the sun begins to set.

Anna stands frozen on the roof, staring at the beautiful angel in front of her. The angel whips around and stares at Anna calmly. Anna notices that the angel is young, only a couple years older than her. She begins to act peacefully realizing there’s no need to be scared.

“You must be the queen?” Anna asks curiously. The angel queen stares at Anna for a moment.

“I am, ” she replies looking out into the beautiful sky. Anna swallows before opening her mouth.

“Am I too lost to be saved?” Anna asks walking toward the angel queen as she stares at her. The angel queen slowly turns her head to face Anna.

“You have chosen.” The angel queen states pleased. Anna is hesitant before answering.

“Yes, I have,” Anna replies. The angel queen continues to stare at Anna with a smile.

“She has done her job well then.” The angel queen replies.

“You mean the girl in the mirror?” Anna asks.

“Of course.” The angel queen responds.

“Will she be released?” Anna asks hopeful. The angel queen takes a second before answering.

“No. She will not be released, Anna. (sighs). Now, let’s change the color of those angel wings.” The angel queen says enthusiastically. She touches Anna’s wings, and they turn back to white, including her dress.

“I don’t understand,” Anna adds confused.

“What’s not to understand Anna? (Pauses). Didn’t your memories come back?” The angel queen asks curiously.

“Some. Yes.” Anna answers quietly.

“Then you understand.” The angel queen says walking inside the castle through another door. Anna stands there confused. She closes her eyes and tries to go through her memories as they pass by quickly.

Anna sees herself years ago as a good angel. She passes through another memory, but, this time, hears voices. “I fear who I am becoming. Please! Save me!” Anna realizes it’s not her voice. She opens her eyes quickly, frightened and lost.