Hey Everyone!

Let’s talk about the last episode of Supergirl in season 3, most importantly, Winn saying goodbye. I know it’s not goodbye, but Jeremy Jordan getting bumped from season regular to reoccurring is not okay. He is one of my favorite characters and one of the reasons why I watch the show. I bet ratings for season 4 will go down because he will hardly be in it. When I found out about Winn, I was beyond sad. I love Winn! He is incredible!

I was also hoping to see Lyra again. I loved the idea of them together. I wonder if she will also be a reoccurring role in season 4 since she wasn’t in season 3. I hope so. I want Winn to be happy and have a girlfriend who really cares about him.


Over and out

Happy 4th of July Everyone! 🙂



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