The Curse Within: Cecilia Chapter 1/Part 1

Chapter 1/Part 1

There’s a curse that lies inside me. I can’t control it. I can’t help it. I know what I am. I know what I’ve done, but I want it to stop. Those that have tried to save me have failed. How long will it take to find someone that won’t fail me? How long will it take for more people to die?

The answer lies within the next person that finds this letter and tries. I must warn you though; I cannot be responsible for what happens next. Find a way to control me, and you’ll pass. Just be careful when you get too close to the truth. At the bottom of this letter, there are instructions. Please read them. Don’t break them.
Good luck.

Will sits in a chair at an old desk as he reads the letter. He turns a small light on and sighs. “What have I gotten myself into?” Will says to himself. “Should’ve just stayed at home.” He sees a diary-like book on the desk, but ignores it and continues reading the letter.

Welcome to the bottom of this letter. Rule 1: You work alone. This rule is important. You must follow it. Rule 2: Don’t ask about the curse, about what happened. And finally Rule 3: Don’t look me in the eye. But keep in mind, all rules are made to be broken. PS. You may call me Cecilia.




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