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Hey Everyone!

Has anyone ever heard of Choices: Stories You Play? If you have, it’s incredible and a lot of fun! I absolutely love the game! Try it out if you haven’t already. There are a ton of books you can choose to play. They have mystery/adventure ones, romance ones and much more! I play a lot of there books.

In choices, you get to chose whether or not you want to be a boy or a girl. The game also lets you choose what you want to name your character, the outfits, face shape, and hair color/hairstyle that you want. Some choices cost diamonds, which let you pick premium options. They can be costly, but most of the choices are worth it.

The storylines are way awesome and so much fun to play! Let me know if you play and what books are your favorite or which ones you do play. I am currently playing “It Lives Beneath,” “Big Sky Country,” Desire and Decorum” and some others. Not quite sure which ones are my favorite, but I do love the game, and I hope they come out with a ton more books! 🙂


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