Bath Bombs Galore



Hey Everyone!

Have any of you heard of Fragrant Jewels or Scented Treasures? Honestly, I just came across the two websites a week ago. I have fallen in love! Both companies sell Bath bombs, but with a little twist I thought was awesome! Inside every bath bomb is a hidden ring. There are a bunch of different ones you can receive. I ordered four from Scented Treasures and one from Fragrant Jewels to try, and I also got a free ring from one of them. I am super excited! I love bath bombs, and the rings are beautiful. I bought one called “Midnight in Paris” which is from Scented Treasures and tried it recently. I love the bath bomb! I usually don’t like gold rings, but the one I received I liked. It’s pretty and makes me feel like I’m in Paris, even though that sounds crazy, but it does. I would definitely recommend you guys trying these. They are amazing, and I will be buying more. I’ll have a nice new ring collection. 🙂

I also think this is a great and creative gift to buy your girlfriend. There is a Valentin’s Day collection at Fragrant Jewels, and one of them contains a ring and a necklace. They are beautiful! For me, I get excited over the smallest and weirdest things so I’d be happy if I got one of these, but again everyone is different.
Ps. Scented Treasures also has rings you can buy if you don’t want the bath bombs. Down below is the one I got from “Midnight in Paris.”



Random/Ice Queen Short Story

ice queen

My name is Sophie. I used to live in a beautiful palace outside of Romania. My people, they call me the ice queen. I have the ability to turn anything I touch, frozen, with control of course. But with that ability, I am as pale as snow with blue eyes every guy has gotten lost in. That is also the downside of having the ability to turn objects or people frozen; I am unable to get close to anyone. But none of that matters when you miss an entire decade…

Years ago, my powers were used against me, and I was imprisoned for a decade. Now, I am free and hungry for revenge for the one that imprisoned me. I am ready to fight, and this time, this time I will not lose.