Hey Everyone!

Let’s talk about the last episode of Supergirl in season 3, most importantly, Winn saying goodbye. I know it’s not goodbye, but Jeremy Jordan getting bumped from season regular to reoccurring is not okay. He is one of my favorite characters and one of the reasons why I watch the show. I bet ratings for season 4 will go down because he will hardly be in it. When I found out about Winn, I was beyond sad. I love Winn! He is incredible!

I was also hoping to see Lyra again. I loved the idea of them together. I wonder if she will also be a reoccurring role in season 4 since she wasn’t in season 3. I hope so. I want Winn to be happy and have a girlfriend who really cares about him.


Over and out

Happy 4th of July Everyone! 🙂



What Inspires Me/Watch “Naomi King – Wasting My Heart On You (Acoustic) Song

Hey everyone! I’m posting three of Naomi Kings music videos down below! She is one of my inspirations for the songs that I write which you guys see on my blog! I have other things that inspire me to write songs as well, like quotes and characters from tv shows, and also what happens in my life, but she is one of them. I’m not sure what inspires me to write my short stories though….

Anyway, I hope she brightens your day! She always brightens mine! Enjoy! 🙂



Random June Blog Post/Update/Thoughts

Hey Everyone! This is just a random blog post update. I am currently listening to Naomi King’s music. She is incredible and talented! I’m just in the mood to listen to everything of hers right now. Honestly, it takes me back to when I had my car accident a couple years ago.

I found her channel a little while after the accident and started listening to her all the time, especially going to physical therapy. It was the only thing I put on for a long time. Her music helped me calm down and relax on my way there and overall helped me through a lot of it back then. I’m glad I found her channel three years ago. Check her out! 🙂

Second, next week I will be changing positions at work and cutting my hours due to my knees. 😦 I am not happy. Again, I have to rearrange my life because of my knee issue that will never go away. This is a thing I have to live with for the rest of my life and I’m annoyed because again, it’s interfering with my work. I know that down the road I have to figure out a plan B. I won’t be able to do this job forever, which is a shame because the only thing I know how to do is work with kids.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I have decisions to make and plans to think about. I just hope this new positon works, which is what I’m most afraid of. My boss was very understanding about it which was great! Let’s just hope my knees will be okay because I’m lost and the thought of starting over freaks me out, so yeah….

Have a great weekend Everyone!


The Mirror Part 4

Anna stares into the mirror, sadly. She thought that all her questions would be answered, but she was wrong. This is going to be a lot harder than she imagined.

As hours pass by, Anna remains awake, unable to fall asleep. She thinks about what the reflection in the mirror said. “In time, Anna.” keeps repeating in Anna’s head. “In time?” What does that even mean and how long would Anna have to wait? And how bad could it really be?

It seems like the mirror doesn’t want to tell Anna everything right away. Maybe she’s trying to protect Anna, but why would her own reflection do that.

Anna gazes over at the big glass window. She looks out and admires large clouds forming in the sky. Anna smiles quickly before dropping her eyes from the window. She glances into the mirror in sorrow. Anna lays her head down, waiting for the sun to come up.

A couple hours later, Anna is asleep, and the sun is shining. Suddenly she hears a noise that wakes her up. “Hello?” Anna calls out loudly, hoping, this time, someone would answer her. “Hello?” Anna calls out again. No one answers. Anna sighs.

“I know someone is up there. Why won’t they answer me?” Anna asks annoyed.

Anna wishes that someone would finally answer her, instead of avoiding her. She hates being lonely and talking to a mirror, isn’t exactly good company.

“They’re waiting for the right time.” The voice replies.

The right time? The right time for what? Anna thinks in her head. Anna squints, trying to figure out what the voice in the mirror is talking about.

“The right time?” When is the right time?” Anna asks.

“I see we’re playing twenty questions again.” The voice answers avoiding the issue. This ignoring the question thing is beginning to annoy Anna intensely.

“I’m just trying to get my memory back. I can’t do that if you don’t answer my questions.” Anna responds upset.

“That’s somewhat true.” The voice says.

“What do you mean somewhat true?” Anna asks, hoping to get a straight answer. Anna wishes the mirror would stop playing games and get to the point.

“There are other ways Anna,” The voice suggests.

“Like what?” Anna asks.

“Have you tried closing your eyes and focusing? It may help.” The voice implies.

“Yeah. I’ve tried. It doesn’t work. (Pauses). I’m beginning to think you don’t want to tell me.” Anna says rudely, staring into the mirror. Anna may be right. It still seems as if the mirror is hiding something.

“I’m not hiding anything Anna. I just want you to realize what you’re getting yourself into.” The voice replies.

“I know what I’m getting into.” Anna answers.

Anna knows what she wants and what she’s prepared for, so she thinks. All she wants to know is what’s going on inside the castle and how she can escape out of this dark basement. It won’t be easy, but trying is better than doing nothing.

“That’s just it. You have no idea.” The voice says.

“You’re trying to save me?” Anna stares into the mirror curiously.

Why would the mirror be trying to save Anna? What could the mirror possibly have to gain? It seems like more secrets keep popping up that may go deeper than Anna thought.

“I’m in between Anna.” The voice replies back.

In between? How can you be in between saving someone and not saving someone? Everything is so much more complicated.

“Tell me. When will be the right time?” Anna asks.

“When you’re ready.” The voice explains.

“How do I know when I’m ready?” Anna asks.

“You’ll know.” The voice replies.

“I am ready now!” Anna shouts. She becomes angry.

What does the mirror keep hiding from Anna? And why isn’t she giving her straight answers? These are all questions that remain with Anna. Hopefully, she will find out the truth soon and be able to escape.


The Mirror Part 3


“Who am I?” Anna asks excitedly. Anna thinks that this is all a dream, but maybe she’s wrong. What if this is the beginning of a great journey about finding out who she really is.

“Your name is Anna, and you’re an angel or used to be. That’s why the angel wings keep appearing, even though they’re not there.” The voice in the mirror explains.

Angel. How is that possible? There’s no way Anna can be an angel. And how can a mirror possibly know that? Anna stares into the mirror at her reflection speechless, thinking about how all of this could be true.

“You expect me to believe I’m an angel,” Anna answers. The reflection in the mirror becomes annoyed.

“It’s the truth whether you like it or not.” The voice replies back.

“Fine. So I’m an angel. Where am I?” Anna asks. She swallows, realizing what she’s about to find out. Anna thinks that maybe somewhere out there is a family that’s looking for her. Anna always wanted a sister to share thoughts with and someone to count on.

“Not sure. This place doesn’t ring a bell, but, I can tell you that you’re trapped in this castle from someone who knows about angels or who is one,” The reflection in the mirror explains.

Anna’s head almost explodes as she hears the word trapped. And the fact that this castle could be crawling around with angels freaks Anna out a bit, mainly since they could be evil angels. She never enjoyed the thought of being shut out from the world and being in a strange place surrounded by creatures that aren’t from the normal world.

“I’m surrounded by angels? Good or bad?” Anna asks not entirely happy.
Anna would rather be in a place that’s warmer, far away from this castle. Where she can lay out and close her eyes, forgetting about reality.

“Not quite sure.” The voice replies.

“Do you know anything?” Anna asks annoyed. Anna hugs her knees and gazes at the window for a moment.

“Look, whatever we did, were paying for. Just relax Anna and enjoy the ride.” The voice says before disappearing. Anna quickly turns her head facing the mirror.

“What we did?” She asks in disgust. “I’m talking to a mirror. Unbelievable.”
Anna can’t believe she’s talking to a mirror, let alone obtain information from it. How does she know that everything the reflection in the mirror is saying is true?

I guess for Anna, she has to learn who to trust and right now, the only one she can believe, is the mirror.

“I’m not just a reflection in the mirror Anna. I’m you. The reflection you see is what you want to see.” The voice explains reappearing.

“What I want to see? You mean I want to be an angel?” Anna asks her reflection.

Anna can’t seem to think why anyone would want to be an angel. Someone would have to be crazy to want to be an angel. They might be one of the most beautiful creatures, but it doesn’t seem like anything anyone would choose to do.
“I don’t know what you want. Maybe it’s your way of bringing back the memories you lost. I’m not a crystal ball you know.” The voice answers back rudely.

“Gee, you’re a little sassy, don’t you think?” Anna asks, fed up with the whole angel thing. All Anna wants is a straight answer, but the mirror won’t give her an answer.

“You forget I’m you.” The voice says.

Anna doesn’t know what to believe. She wants to think that once, someone told her she could only believe and trust herself. Anna wishes she knew what her family was like or if she had one. If only Anna’s memories would come back.

“You’re a hallucination,” Anna replies. The voice becomes upset and angry.
“If that’s what you want to think. You think you have everything figured out Anna.” The voice answers back.

Anna feels sorry for what she said to the mirror, even if it is her own reflection. She wants to know more about what’s going on, especially if she’s missing pieces. The most curious part that Anna questions, is her wings and how she became an Angel, but it won’t be that easy.

“What am I missing? What happened to my wings?” Anna asks notably.

“In time, Anna. For now, be careful. Once you figure it out, you’re going to wish you hadn’t.” The voice suggests. “Now, get some sleep, you look tired. And, I could use a nap as well.” The voice says in a creepy tone. The voice disappears along with the wings. Anna takes a glance around the room as it darkens, and is once again, alone.


Bump In The Road….Again

I want to stop caring, but I don’t know how to do that. Right now, I feel lost, and I don’t know what to do. My knee pain is coming back again, and sometimes all I wanna do is cry, but I can’t most of those times.

There are some days where I wanna say what the hell, but, if I do, the pain will come back. Two weeks ago, a kid asked me to run with her. I said you start, but I never went with her. My body wanted to say yes, but my brain said no. I shouldn’t have to think about it. I never had to think about it two and half years ago.

I just feel like working this many hours and doing this job makes my knee act up again. I want to start over and adjust, but I don’t know how. My boss doesn’t know about the car accident or my injuries that happened two and half years ago. I was afraid that if I told my workplace again that I wouldn’t be hired. I just feel like I have to change professions to stop the knee pain. I hit my breaking point a long time ago, mainly because I thought the surgery was supposed to fix everything, but apparently not. I mean, I know the doctor said it may or may not work. I know I’m not 100 percent, but I thought I’d be able to do my job without pain.

I honestly have no idea what to do anymore. I’m going back to the doctor, but there isn’t much he can do. I am beyond frustrated at this point.

On a side note, I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

The Mirror Part 2

Anna realizes that in fact, all of this is real. She lays her head down on the floor and takes a nap. Anna shivers as she tries to get some sleep, but has trouble. She opens her eyes and looks out the glass window at the sky. For a minute, Anna forgets where she is. She gazes back into the mirror at herself and wishes she could be somewhere else.

Forthwith, Anna hears a voice, almost as if it is near. Anna takes a peek in the mirror and realizes the angel wings appearing on her back. She stares closely at the wings. She quickly turns her head to see if the angel wings are there but are not. Anna turns back around to face the mirror. The angel wings are still there. Anna, with confusion on her face, places her hands on the mirror. “What’s going on? Where am I?” Anna asks herself. “Please. Someone tell me what’s going on. I have no memory.” Anna tilts her head to the floor, sad and disappointed.

“Like you don’t know.” A voice loudly says. Anna quickly looks up, and glances around the room frightened. “In the mirror.” The voice declares. Anna stares into the mirror at her reflection as the angel wings appear. “It’s all in my head. The voice isn’t real.” Anna tells herself, trying to calm down. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, dreaming of palm trees and the sound of waves hitting the sand. Anna opens her eyes feeling relieved. “You’re not going to get rid of me that easily.” The voice adds.

Anna gapes into the mirror, frozen, unable to look away. “Who are you?” Anna asks curiously, keeping her eyes focused on the mirror.

“I’m you.” The voice in the mirror replies. Anna gazes into the mirror, deciding whether she should be scared or feel at ease.

“I don’t understand,” Anna responds afraid.
“You really don’t know?” The voice asks. Anna shakes her head no. She wishes she knew what the voice was talking about, but unfortunately, her memories are still gone.

“I lost my memories,” Anna answers sadly. The voice in the mirror is hesitant before responding.

“That’s a shame. (Pauses) I can help you recover them if you’d like.” The voice suggests.

“You can?” Anna asks with a smile on her face.

“Of course. You wanna find out who you are, right?” The voice asks. Anna shakes her head yes. “Let’s begin.” The voice happily says.