June Update/Stuff

Hey, everyone!

A quick update before I get to the real thing I wanted to talk about. I am going to Virgina Beach in July, in about two weeks. I’m going down with my cousin’s. I’m super excited that I get to spend some time with my little cousin. And we both need a vacation, since I was supposed to go to Rivera Maya this past May, but couldn’t because of the surgery and  physical therapy. The only thing that I’ll have a problem with is setting up the tent. Were going camping, which is going to be a epic fail. I love camping, but I’m not good at setting up a tent. It’ll be interesting, but at least it’s an adventure.

I wanted to share with you guys what I ordered last week. I am absolutely in love with what I got. I needed a new eyeshadow palette, but I couldn’t decide which one to get, so I got two of the one’s I wanted the most. I got one from BH Cosmetics and the other from Ulta.


This one is from Ulta. I love the colors!



I got this one from BH Cosmetics. I think this one is my favorite! I love the palm trees on the box. I can’t wait to try all the different colors. 🙂


Hope everyone has a great week ahead!




Another Update…blah

Hey, Everyone!

I wanted to give you guys another update about a decision I made about my knee. I’ve decided to go ahead and do the surgery. I felt like I didn’t have a choice when I was talking to the doctor.

My surgery will be on Feb. 3rd, which is a Friday 😦 That’s only like two and half weeks from now, oh my gosh. Anyway, he told me that the surgery is extremely aggressive and that recovery is about 4-6 months, which is long. It is definitely going to be a tough process. I’m not able to drive for at least six weeks. I’m going to be in a lot of pain and obviously not working. I will also have a big brace on and crutches.

Unfortunately, someone has to be with me all day for at least one to two weeks. I also have to stay overnight so they can observe me and make sure things go well. I feel helpless and kind of like a child again. I’ll be bored out of mind, but at least I’ll have Netflix.

I can’t tell you guys how nervous and scared I am. I have no idea how I’m going to feel when I wake up. I’m not ready for that part. I honestly don’t want to wake up. I’ll probably have to sleep on the couch for awhile, which means I won’t be getting any sleep. And I know, after a couple weeks, I’m going to have to work hard during therapy and moving it. It will be tough, but I’m sort of ready. I don’t know.

I hope everyone has a great day and rest of the week! 🙂

Song Meaning/Update

Hey, Everyone!

I wanted to talk to you guys about the song I wrote and posted the other day. Also, to give you a little update as well. A lot of people will have different interpretations of the song, but to me, I know what it means and what I was trying to say.

The song Will You Be The One, is about what happened last year. It’s also about how I feel. Just a recap, I was in a bad car accident a little over a year ago and I have injuries to both my knees.

I see the doctor this week and were going to talk about where we go from here. I’ve had a brace on for six weeks. The doctor wanted to try that before deciding on surgery, but my guess is that I’ll end up doing the surgery anyway. The brace is temporary and I just want to be done with all of it, pain, annoyance and problems at work. And thinking about how aggressive the surgery is if I do it, for me is scary, and I want to do it, but I don’t. I keep asking myself in my head over and over again, is it worth it, which is what it says in the song.

I think for me, it is worth it because I work with kids and I’m only doing half my job, which makes me upset and angry. I feel bad when I tell them no, I can’t play with them.

One day, I had to tell a kid no, and I could see the disappointment in her eyes. After work that day, I went home and cried because of how upset and angry it made me feel. I hope that if I do the surgery, it fixes everything. I guess I’m just praying that things will go back to normal after that. And in some weird way, I’m asking for help because I am a terrible decision maker. I also want to know if it’s a good choice and if it will work out.

The only problem I have with the surgery is that it’s extremely aggressive and recovery is a couple months. And I will probably be in a lot of pain, which won’t be fun, but I just want the pain to go away and have it stop interfering with my life. So, I have a big decision to make.

Thanks, guys! Have a great day! 🙂